Double Dragon IV overview trailer, actions detailed

Double Dragon IV

Arc System Works has expelled an overview trailer for Double Dragon IV and updated a central website with sum on a control blueprint and actions.

Get a information below.

■ Controls

PlayStation 4

Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV

*On a PS4 version, a default controls do not allot special cinema to a button. Special Move pattern can be altered in a config menu.


Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV

*The above settings are a default pattern settings. They can be altered in a config menu. Settings for PC diversion controllers can also be set in a config menu.

■ The Art of Sosetsuken

Basic Moves

—Regular Attacks

  • Punch (P) – Unleash discerning punches. Hitting a punch symbol in discerning duration lets we unleash a one-two poke offshoot punch. The poke is quite effective during creation an rivalry intoxicated with one hit.
  • Kick (K) – Kick out in front of you. This can make an competition intoxicated in one fell swoop.
  • Jump Kick (Jump + P or K) – Kick while jumping. Fly into an competition and strike them down.

—Regular Finishing Moves

  • Enemies will turn intoxicated after holding a series of attacks. When they are in this state, it is probable to take them down with a finisher.
  • Uppercut (P while rivalry is groggy) – Take down an competition with an upwards punch.
  • Round House Kick (K while rivalry is groggy) – Take down an competition with a lifted spinning kick.

—Grab Attacks

  • Grab State – Approach a intoxicated rivalry head-on to trigger a grab. Many enemies will turn groggy, though some can't be grabbed. A sum of 3 bend smashes and knee thrusts can be finished to an rivalry before a squeeze state is broken.
  • Grab Elbow Smash (P while grabbing enemy) – Unleash a extreme bend pound to a conduct of a grabbed enemy.
  • Grab Knee Thrust (K while grabbing enemy) – Deliver a knee bearing to a stomach of a grabbed enemy.
  • Grab Throw (← + P or K while grabbing enemy) – Throw a grabbed rivalry behind you. Depending on a stretch from a enemy, this pierce can down an rivalry in one go.
  • High Kick (↑ + K while grabbing enemy) – Kick a grabbed rivalry and send them flying. It is probable to better some enemies in one blow with this attack.

*All inputs listed above can be achieved when a impression is confronting to a right.

Extra Techniques

Although these moves are not a many powerful, they have special characteristics. The 3 singular submit methods for any pierce allows we to find one that matches your control style.

—Input Examples

  • Press a specific pivotal while holding a flog or punch symbol (for example, P + → or K + ←).
  • Press a multiple of a punch button, flog button, or burst symbol (for example, press P and J together to perform a behind elbow).
  • Press a singular symbol (it is probable to configure a pierce to a singular symbol or key).

—Extra Techniques

  • Headbutt (P + → or P / K / J or Extra1) – Although this pierce has a tiny strike range, it is useful for tackling an enemy’s burst attack.
  • Spin Kick (K + → or K / J or Extra2) – Attack and tighten a stretch on an rivalry during a same time. Depending on a stretch to a enemy, it is probable to takedown an rivalry in one go with this move.
  • Back Elbow (P + ← or P / J or Extra3) – Attack an rivalry behind you. This is useful when we find yourself surrounded and being pounded from behind.

New Techniques

—Extended Special Moves

  • Spinning Headbutt (P or K or J while behaving headbutt) – This is an prolongation of a headbutt attack. It is an intensely absolute conflict where we stagger and pound into an enemy.

—Special Finishing Moves

These moves are identical to Regular Finishing Moves in that they are special attacks that can be used when an rivalry is groggy.

Jump Elbow – Billy Only (P + →* or P / J or Extra3 when rivalry is groggy) – Unleash an bend conflict while jumping to strike an rivalry to a floor.

Axe Kick – Jimmy Only (K + → or K / J or Extra2 when rivalry is groggy) – This pierce indemnification an rivalry around a unconditional leg kick. A overhanging leg conflict that strikes with a downward heel.

*This pierce is identical to a Back Elbow command, though is achieved by (P + →) and not (P + ←).

The Three Great Sosetsuken Techniques Raging Counter

—The Three Great Sosetsuken Techniques

  • The Cyclone Kick, Hyper Uppercut, and High Jump Kick are famous as a 3 good Sosetsuken techniques. These are extreme attacks that describe we godlike to rivalry attacks while they are being performed.
  • Cyclone Kick (K during a rise of a jump) – This technique is ordinarily famous as a Rotating Whirlwind Kick and has been upheld down from era to generation. It is a Sosetsuken technique that conjures a spinning picture of a distracted dragon god. It is frequently used when confronting many foes since it has a energy to brush divided all in a vicinity.
  • Hyper Uppercut (P during a right time when low to a ground) – This is a fast technique that summons a energy of a celestial dragon. It can locate an rivalry off ensure and is mostly used when battling a vast foe.
  • High Jump Kick (K during a right time when low to a ground) – This is a many mortal Sosetsuken technique. It is used to finish off enemies with a singular blow.The ferocity of a High Jump Kick creates we some-more unprotected to rivalry attacks directly after executing a move. However, a Cyclone Kick and Hyper Uppercut are not as absolute as a High Jump Kick and can be used protected in a believe that they do not leave we unprotected afterwards.

—Raging Counter

Raging Counter renders we defence to repairs from certain attacks for a tiny duration of time. It activates if we perform one of a right attacks while removing adult off a ground.

If we missed it final week, review adult on Double Dragon IV‘s background, modes, and characters here.

Double Dragon IV is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC on Jan 30.

Watch a trailer below.

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