Double Dragon IV details background, modes, and characters

■ About

What is Double Dragon?

Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon began in 1987 as an arcade game, and is credited as the series that established the side-scrolling beat ’em up genre.

The game features Billy and Jimmy Lee, both masters of the Sōsetsuken martial art. In addition to kicks and punches, the two also use special moves and enemy weapons to take down foes in a captivating fashion as they progress through the game’s stages.

It is a game renowned for its satisfying difficulty balance and fun cooperative mode.

In 2017, the Double Dragon series celebrates its 30th birthday!

Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV is the next chapter in the Double Dragon series, made in celebration of the original game’s 30th anniversary.

It preserves the original game’s charm and adds many new features, such as new modes and characters! The wealth of features gives the game a replay value that will keep you coming back for more!

Fan favorite characters from the past may also make an appearance!

With its variety of new features, you won’t want to miss Double Dragon IV!


—Double Dragon

Double Dragon IV

The kidnapping of Marian leads to a battle with the violent gang, the Black Warriors.

—Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

Double Dragon IV

Following a request from a fortune teller named Hiruko, the brothers head out a globe-spanning journey in pursuit of the Rosetta Stones.

—Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Double Dragon IV

The brothers take on a mysterious gang as a way to take vengeance for the murder of Marian, their friend and girlfriend.

—Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV

Current game.

■ Modes

Story Mode

Double Dragon IV

The Story Mode featuring the Double Dragon, Billy and Jimmy.

It is a continuation of the story in Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and features all new enemies! Defeat the on-rushing attackers, and try to clear all the stages!

Double Dragon IV

The game can also be played with a friend! (When first playing the game, Billy and Jimmy are the only selectable characters, but finishing all stages unlocks Tower Mode. Play this mode to unlock enemy characters for use in Story Mode.)

2P Duel Mode

Double Dragon IV

This is a two-player battle mode!

Progress in Story Mode to unlock extra characters for use in this mode!

Double Dragon IV

In this mode even enemy characters are selectable! They possess different skills to those seen in Story Mode, so try playing as all sorts of characters!

Tower Mode

Double Dragon IV

Defeat enemies to advance as far as you can up the tower!

There are no continues! How far up the tower can you make it? New playable characters useable in all modes will unlock depending on the number of enemies you manage to defeat.

Double Dragon IV

Progress in this mode and you may even unlock a certain fan favorite character!

Share Play (PS4-Only)

Double Dragon IV has Share Play functionality!

Share Play is a feature that lets you play Double Dragon IV with a friend even if they don’t own the game! Press the Share Button on the DualShock 4 wireless controller and send a game invitation to a friend to enjoy the game together or get help on a stage you can’t clear.

To use Share Play to play with another person, both parties must be PlayStation Plus members.

When using Share Play, there is a one hour time limit for each play session. When an hour has passed, the visiting player’s play session will automatically end.

■ Characters


Double Dragon IV

The successor of the Sōsetsuken technique, and a master of his craft. Billy currently works as an instructor with his brother Jimmy at Sōsetsuken dojos.


Double Dragon IV

Billy’s older brother. Jimmy works to preserve peace by building Sōsetsuken dojos all across the US.


Double Dragon IV

A body-building, tank top-wearing character. Also has a strong fear of spiders and cockroaches.


Double Dragon IV

A rugged character wearing a vest with no shirt underneath. A weapon collector who excels at throwing weapons.

Right Arm

Double Dragon IV

An enemy character who uses Kung Fu. Especially skilled at spin kicks, slides, and other leg attacks.


Double Dragon IV

A leotard-clad female with a fine feminine figure. Enjoys bullying men.


Double Dragon IV

A buff macho man. Honed his tackle technique by playing football. His hobbies are singing and dancing.

Chin Taimei

Double Dragon IV

An enemy whose movements are so quick they make opponents dizzy. A master of Chinese Kenpo whose jump attack catches opponents off-guard.


Double Dragon IV

A former underground wrestling heavyweight champion and a giant at 400lbs. (including his armor). Loves everything manly.

Linda (Mohawk)

Double Dragon IV

A leotard-clad female, now with a stylish mohawk hairdo. Skilled at elbow attacks.


Double Dragon IV

A bald enemy character. A lackey for the Renegades who can dash to quickly close a gap and attack.


Double Dragon IV

A masked enemy character. A lackey for the Reneg


Double Dragon IV

An enemy character dressed in a karate gi. Excels at jump attacks. His special attack is a jumping chop.


Double Dragon IV

An enemy character similar to Yamazaki. Excels at combo attacks. He is worried about his receding hairline.


Double Dragon IV

A ninja hired by the Renegades. Moves quickly and has many ninja tools at her disposal, like shuriken and smoke bombs.


Double Dragon IV

Plus even more new characters!

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