Doomfist May Be Overwatch’s Next Character

There has been most conjecture newly that Doomfist could be Overwatch’s subsequent character. That is given of references that have been speckled in a game, as good as actor Terry Crews who seemed to be dropping hints that he could be voicing a character.

Unfortunately for gamers who like a idea, this competence not be a case.

Over during a Overwatch forums, a game’s executive Jeff Kaplan seemed to advise that Doomfist competence not be a game’s subsequent playable character. Kaplan recently replied to a criticism by one of Overwatch’s gamers and said, “24 is not who we consider it is.”
Of march Kaplan does not endorse that he is referring to Doomfist, though given this seems to be a ubiquitous accord it’s protected to assume that’s who he competence be referring to. Another probable claimant is a impression codenamed “Greek”.

Voice actor Alex Malaos recently updated (and after removed) his CV in that he listed his subsequent gig as doing voice behaving work for a impression with that name, that has led to conjecture that maybe this “Greek” impression could be next. we theory we will only have to wait and see. We will know shortly adequate and afterwards conjecture can be put to rest.

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