Dissidia Final Fantasy for console will have a story mode, other enhancements

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The latest emanate of Weekly Famitsu facilities an talk with Dissidia Final Fantasy writer Ichirou Hazama and executive Takeo Kujiraoka, who spoke a bit about a console chronicle of a arcade diversion and because it wasn’t during a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.

Hazama told Famitsu, “If we demeanour during a many new proclamation opportunity, we was on theatre during a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony. And it [the game] did not appear. In short, we are now incompetent to prepared anything that has adequate value to accommodate everyone’s expectations. Many users are awaiting a story for a console version, that we are of march preparing. However, a concentration of a diversion is battles and that has not changed. We will serve raise other elements as well, that will take a small bit some-more time.”

Kujiraoka combined that given it’s not probable to broach a diversion to everybody around a arcade chronicle alone, they’re creation preparations for that. He remarkable that there is implausible unrestrained in a area of e-Sports overseas, and that there’s a probability they competence pierce in that direction.

“If we can trade it to a universe as a high-proficiency, rival fighting tool, while also an beguiling group conflict Final Fantasy, it competence even arise adult as an e-Sports event,” Kujiraoka said. “If that happens, afterwards subsequent will be a tellurian tournament, right? we can’t contend too much, though we wish to use these sorts of ambitions to make Dissidia Final Fantasy an even improved game.”

In a interview’s shutting message, Hazama mentioned a console chronicle once again, assuring that it won’t impact a arcade chronicle negatively.

“I wish to widespread a volume of unrestrained for Dissidia Final Fantasy even more,” Hazama said. “In receiving a opinions of players, we get a feeling that people are becoming gradually some-more meddlesome in a game, so we wish to broach it to even some-more people. While we’ll also be articulate about the console chronicle in a future, it won’t outcome in unsatisfactory arcade users, as both can be amply enjoyed. And there won’t be any check in updates as a outcome a console version. We’re going to continue using during full speed and are holding on various challenges, so greatfully support us this year as well!”

Elsewhere in a interview, Famitsu brought adult a probability of bettering Team Ninja’s “Soft Engine,” that is used in a Dead or Alive series, given Dissidia Final Fantasy is a Team Ninja-developed game. Hazama wondered if it was required with a stream impression lineup, heading Kujiraoka to jokingly advise it might be useful for Final Fantasy IX criminal Kuja’s butt. Both laughed before Hazama suggested that given they have a OK from Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi, they’d use it if a suitable impression ever appeared.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is now accessible during Japanese arcades. The diversion itself runs on PlayStation 4 hardware. It now has 21 playable characters and will continue to supplement new characters around updates.

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