Destiny supplement due out this fall


A supplement to Destiny will launch this fall, Activision announced in a fourth entertain 2016 financial results. The diversion promises to “broaden a franchise’s tellurian reach, that along with follow-on calm plans, sets a theatre for growth.”

During a discussion call QA, Activision pronounced that they’re formulation a large exhibit that will “let a diversion do a talking,” and that it will have a “great cinematic story” and “great expel of noted characters,” and is being done to be some-more permitted to infrequent players but stealing a things core players enjoy. (Thanks, Midas.)

A Kotaku news published today, citing sources within Bungie, claims that Destiny 2 is entrance to PC in further to consoles, and will expected be a sum overhaul, definition we won’t be means to lift over your rigging from a strange Destiny. At slightest 3 other Activision studios are pronounced to be operative on a diversion in further to Bungie.

Kotaku also reports that Activision will be awarded a “hefty chunk” of Bungie’s batch if a studio misses recover this year. Prior to Destiny 2‘s designed tumble release, Kotaku reports that a strange Destiny will accept an refurbish in a spring.

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