Darknet Virtual Reality Gameplay Teaser Trailer Released (video)


VR users might be meddlesome in a new plan nonplus diversion called Darknet that will be nearing on a PlayStation VR practical existence hardware and a Oculus Rift headset in a subsequent integrate of months.

Check out a latest Darknet gameplay teaser trailer next tho learn some-more about a new practical existence pretension that offers a singular actor plan nonplus game. The growth group behind a new videogame explain a small some-more about what we can expect.

Darknet is a strategy/puzzle diversion in that we play as an chosen hacker engaged to collect information from a world’s many secure networks. Dive into a Net, implement viruses, inject code, and penetrate your approach by cybersecurity in an knowledge desirous by a classical cyberpunk prophesy of a future.

Your PS VR headset becomes your practical window to a dark digital world. Conquer a subterraneous webspace by diving directly into nodes for an up-close-and-personal hacking experience. Using several collection of digital mayhem, it’s a competition opposite a time to penetrate a network before time runs out…or your vigilance is traced.

Darknet began as a Grand Prize leader of a VR Jam, a 3 week diversion jam combined by Oculus and IndieCade. The pretension was afterwards expelled on Gear VR in 2014, earning regard from critics and fans alike, before rising for a Oculus Rift in 2016. Now, with a clever online village and a register of accolades such as a PAX Golden Sushi Award and Protos Awards’ “Best Gameplay,” Archiact and E McNeill have assimilated army to move this hacker strike to Playstation VR in early 2017.

Source: PS : Archiact

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