Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition announced for PS4, PC; new entrance announced for PS Vita

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition

Arc System Works and APlus Games have announced Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition for PlayStation 4 and PC. The mech-action RPG will cost 1,800 yen and launch in Japan for PlayStation 4 around a PlayStation Store on Feb 22, and for PC around Steam in open 2017.

The dual companies also announced that a new entrance in a array is in growth for PS Vita. A teaser website is accessible here.

Changes in Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition embody full HD support, 60 frames per second movement, a inclusion of both tools of a “Old Hero and Broken Gears of Time” downloadable content, and as more after-story in “Hero Creation.”

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo creatively launched for PS Vita in Japan in Dec 2013, and was localized in North America and Europe in Mar 2015. Here’s an English overview of a strange release:


In a year 2042, a talent scientist Dr. Yui Rich Atsuga denounced her biggest invention. After that, a universe was never a same.

[GEAR System]

This was a name given to a groundbreaking energy complement that authorised vehicles to transcend all before speed and mobility limitations. Scientists around a universe scrambled to implement a rarely modernized record for themselves. With a new system, they built pilotable humanoid robots. These bipedal walking robots, once a apart dream, could outspeed typical vehicles. They hexed larger lively than humans, interjection to balancers utilizing a system, and a competition to build a best units had begun. These robots were famous as [GEAR], subsequent from a name of a complement that unbarred their potential.

…However, Dr. Atsuga’s invention would eventually lead to humanity’s extinction.

The year is now 2097.

The [GEAR] spin on their tellurian masters. Within dual weeks, 80% of a world’s race is annihilated. The ruins of amiability have been forced to live underground.

In sequence to quarrel these brute machines, humankind turns once again to a [GEAR System]. The predestine of amiability rests on a arriving fight to recapture a surface. Can a record that broken their civilization be a really thing that gives it a second chance?


  • Take partial in over 50 pulse-pounding missions in a accumulation of civic environments
  • Upgrade and customize your GEAR with 500+ equipment to best fit your fight style
  • Salvage special tools and weapons from degraded enemies, like appurtenance guns, grenade launchers, and laser cannons
  • Available DLC includes new missions and new Armor and Weapon tools for serve customization


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