Cyber Gadget to recover PS4 Save Editor this Mar in Japan

Cyber Gadget PS4 Save Editor

Japanese association Cyber Gadget is releasing a PlayStation 4 Save Editor in Japan in March. It will cost 7,800 yen for a singular user license, or 14,800 yen for a 3 user license.

The Save Editor is a PC focus that lets we revise PlayStation 4 diversion save information to acquire things such as a limit volume of income or maxed-out stats. By entering “patch codes,” that are identical to a passwords, we can register additional calm to be changed.

According to Cyber Gadget, a Save Editor includes patch codes for some-more than 80 renouned titles, including Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Heroes II, and Gravity Rush 2. Patch codes for unregistered games will be expelled regularly, giveaway of charge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Transfer your save information from your PlayStation 4 onto a USB memory
  2. Install a Save Editor on your computer, and bond a USB memory on that we copied a save information to your computer
  3. Start adult a Save Editor and name a patch codes we wish to use
  4. Transfer a edited save information behind to your PlayStation 4 to use a patch codes

This is what a module itself looks like:

Cyber Gadget PS4 Save Editor

Cyber Gadget PS4 Save Editor

And here’s an thought of some of a patch codes pre-loaded with a program:

Final Fantasy XV

  • 99,999,999 GIL
  • 99,999 AP
  • MAX Stock EXP

Persona 5

  • Protagonist: 9,999,999 Total EXP
  • Protagonist: MAX Total EXP for Acquired Personas
  • Protagonist: MAX Social Stats
  • All Other Characters: MAX Total EXP

Dragon Quest Heroes II

  • 9,999,999 Gold
  • 999 Small Medals
  • Lazarel: 99,999,999 EXP for All Vocations
  • Lazarel: 9,999 Skill Points for All Vocations
  • Teresa: 99,999,999 EXP for All Vocations
  • Teresa: 9,999 Skill Points for All Vocations
  • All Other Characters: Max EXP
  • All Other Characters: 9,999 Skill Points

Gravity Rush 2

  • 999,999 Precious Gems

Visit a Cyber Gadget product page here.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou.

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