Cube Creator DX announced for 3DS

Cube Creator DX

Big John Games is building Cube Creator DX, a latest entrance in a Cube Creator sandbox diversion series, for 3DS, a latest emanate of Weekly Famitsu reveals. The Arc System Works-published pretension will launch in Japan on Apr 27 for 2,800 yen during sell and 1,852 yen around download.

The diversion offers a following 3 modes:

  • Survival Mode – Control your avatar and tarry a vicious world. New weapons and materials have been added, and a accumulation of equipment we can qualification have doubled. You can also partisan animals and monsters.
  • Creator Mode – Freely emanate buildings and characters.
  • Stage Builder Mode – Create your possess stages, and afterwards play those stages. You’ll be means to use a good series of “Gimmick Cubes,” such as dangerous traps and jumping trampolines.

The diversion will also underline online support. Players will be means to emanate buildings together, as good as tell their stages and worlds.

Development on Cube Creator DX is now 80 percent complete.

Thanks, Famitsu and Hachima Kikou.

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