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Crossing Souls for PS4, PC launches Feb 13

Crossing Souls

Crossing Souls will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb 13, 2018, publisher Devolver Digital and developer Fourattic announced.

The movement journey diversion will be playable during PlayStation Experience 2017 from Dec 9 to 10. The growth organisation will be on palm to travel attendees by a new demo and plead a inspirations that went into a project, that embody Stand by Me, E.T., and Ghostbusters.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Devolver Digital:


It’s 1986 in California and a organisation of friends will live a summer of their lives after a puzzling find in woods outward their still town. By uncovering an artifact whose powers they don’t entirely understand, these conspicuous kids will challenge a laws of inlet and somehow correlate between dual planes of reality: life and death. Their oddity will trigger a array of astonishing events that will get them concerned in a supervision swindling and a puzzling U.S. Army ubiquitous with his possess sinful plans.

Crossing Souls is a colourful action-adventure diversion about a organisation of area buddies that set out on a query to save their city and a universe from supervision conspirators and murky forces. Switch between these artless heroes on a fly to take advantage of any one’s singular attacks and abilities as we dispute internal authorities, immorality specters, and creatures of different origin! Collect clues from around city and burst between dual realms to solve a mysteries enveloping your still suburban home before all is lost!

Key Features

  • A Brave Group of Friends: Lead a organisation of area friends on a journey of a lifetime and swap between any one to take advantage of their singular attacks, abilities, and personalities to overcome any barrier or antithesis on your journey!
  • Interdimensional Puzzles: Solve conduct scratching hurdles by blending a group’s abilities with a Duatstone to burst between a area of a vital and a area of a dead, interacting with a inhabitants of each…both crony and foe!
  • Some Small Town Excitement: Explore a tiny California city during a core of this epic dispute and expose new and sparkling areas as your journey unfolds. Get mislaid in a woods, meddler around a internal arcade, and span a once still streets of suburbia to learn a secrets that have been dark there all along.
  • A Fantastic Cast of Characters: Interact with all from cavemen and cowboys to librarian ghosts and even dinosaurs by jumping between a universe and a area of a dead! Some reason clues while others wish to finish your query where we stand!

Watch a new trailer below.

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