Cam-recorded Switch UI video surfaces [Update]


Switch isn’t due out until Mar 3, though someone has managed to get their hands on a section now.

A video seemed online currently showcasing user comment origination on a device, as good as a user interface’s “News,” “Album,” “Controllers,” and “Settings” menus. In a Settings menu, a user switches a device’s thesis from “Basic White” to “Basic Black.” The user also scrolls by a menu to emanate and revise Mii characters. When perplexing to entrance a Nintendo eShop, a user is stirred to perform a complement update, though cancels.

Watch a video below. (MP4 download here, mirrors).

Thanks, NeoGAF.

Update 8:00 p.m.: has left adult with a first-ever unboxing of Switch, including a some-more minute demeanour during a user interface.

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