Caladrius Blaze for PC launches Jan 12

Caladrius Blaze

The PC chronicle of Moss-developed fire ’em adult Caladrius Blaze will launch worldwide around Steam on Jan 12, publisher H2 Interactive announced. It will be offering during a 10 percent bonus for a initial week of release.

Here’s a full overview of a game, around H2 Interactive:


Caladrius Blaze facilities not usually a Shame Break complement where we can perspective illusory eye-candy cut-in graphics for both a playable characters and a bosses as they take repairs and garments are cut away, though also pleasing graphics and sound from star-studded prolongation with impression designer, Yasuda Suzuhito, famous for his work in Durarara!! and Devil Survivor, and ‘Basiscape’, who rubbed a sound in Oboro Muramasa.

In a Story Mode entirely uttered by star voice actors, we can suffer a storyline of any singular impression in a rising universe formed on a medieval fear worldview. With two-player shelter mode, we can knowledge even some-more sundry storyline formed on a multiple of characters.

In addition, there are many essence to suffer other than a Story Mode such as a Rush mode and a Score Attack Mode. There is a Tutorial Mode for beginners, Leaderboard for online ranking, and Gallery Mode for observation cut-in images and other graphics.


  • Multiple storylines done with some-more than 15 singular characters
  • 8 opposite characters and ships with singular powers to select from
  • ‘Shame Break’ complement that cuts divided a character’s outfit as they take damage
  • ‘Element Shot’ complement that allows vital arms turn up
  • ‘Tutorial Mode’ and ‘Synchro Mode’ beguiling for even initial timers

Caladrius Blaze is also accessible on PlayStation 4.

View a set of PC screenshots during a gallery. Visit a game’s central website here.

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