BOB180 Video Game Concept From Love Hultén (Video)


We have featured a series of overwhelming designs from artist and engineer Love Hultén in a past and now he has expelled his latest origination called BOB180.

BOB180 is a new judgment video diversion complement that is formed around tub distortion, it has been assembled from wood, have a demeanour during a video below.


BOB180 is a domestic devising video diversion complement formed around tub distortion. A burble conduct resting on tip of a tree-legged mount done from ash. The white acrylic architecture is backlit by a built-in projector – formulating illusory new renderings of classical arcade games. The round arrangement eliminates over tangible bounds and thereby amplifies a clarity of space and freedom. The compared cubic trackball controller is wireless and uses a large white quartz clear for navigation. Not all games support trackball, though BOB180 supports bluetooth connectivity – that means that any unchanging bluetooth gamepad will bond by plug-n-play. BOB180 is hight tractable and can be accustomed accordingly.

You can find out some-more sum about a BOB180 and some of Love Hultén other extraordinary creations over during his website during a couple below.

Source Love Hultén

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