Battlefield 1 Premium Pass enlargement packs revealed

Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced initial sum on a 4 enlargement packs enclosed with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

In further to new stories, a enlargement packs will embody 16 new multiplayer maps, 20 new weapons, and new chosen classes. Premium Pass members will get two-weeks eaerly acces to any unreleased enlargement pack, and 14 Superior Battlepacks, priority server access, and more.

The 4 themed digital enlargement packs include:

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass

Play as one of a many inhuman armies in WW1 – a French. Engage in a monster fighting around a furnace of Verdun, and deplane into a guts of Fort de Vaux where execrable battles fury in a gas-filled corridors. Take partial in a largest tank attack of a quarrel by a Aisne riverbanks.

Battlefield 1 In a Name of a Tsar

Enter a biggest front of WW1 with a Russian Army. Ride in Galicia with a mythological Hussars during a Brusilov offensive. Partake in a skirmishes of a Albion attack in a frozen archipelago and quarrel in a sleet lonesome ravines of a fraudulent Lupkow Pass.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides

Participate in a amphibious crusade of WW1. Embark with a new destroyer into heated tactical naval clashes. Master a coastal category airship in a extreme interplay between land, atmosphere and sea. Engage in a daredevil Zeebrugge raid and charge a beaches in a initial days of a Gallipoli offensive.

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse

Go over a tip in a many barbarous battles of WW1. Conquer bitterly contested belligerent with heartless collection and singular weapons innate out of recklessness and deadlock. Never before have a nightmarish horrors of a Great War been closer as we deplane into hell. Prepare to enter a Apocalypse.

Battlefield 1 is accessible now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. From Mar 3 to Mar 5, PC and Xbox One users will be means to knowledge a game’s single-player and multiplayer in by a giveaway trial.

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