Baja: Edge of Control HD announced for PS4, Xbox One

Baja: Edge of Control HD

THQ Nordic has announced Baja: Edge of Control HD, a remastered chronicle of a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360-era off-road racer, due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during sell and digitally in Q2 2017.

Here are a details:

Features of a HD version

  • Greater soak around several graphical improvements including softened textures, aloft framerate and increasing details
  • More authentic racing by softened digest techniques for shadows, lighting and dirt effects
  • More permitted gameplay due to softened controls, user interface and an easier career start

About The Game

Baja: Edge of Control HD is a delicately remastered chronicle of a strange off-road racer from 2008 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This truly singular diversion contains some-more than 1,000 miles of a toughest turf Mother Nature has to offer, including a steepest mountains, thickest sand and deepest canyons famous to man.

Only a HD chronicle facilities most crisper and some-more minute visuals using during super well-spoken framerates in adult to 4K shade resolution.

With large sponsored vehicles in 8 classes, including Trophy Trucks, 4x4s and buggies, Baja: Edge of Control HD facilities a full array of upgradeable options with hundreds of authentic tools that impact any vehicle’s performance.

Players will put their off-road machines to a exam in near-vertical Hill Climb challenges, head-to-head Open Class races, circuit races and a ultimate off-road continuation challenge: a Baja! Baja: Edge of Control HD contains some-more than 100 marks opposite all landscapes in races that can final adult to 4 hours.

The game’s car production broach authentic handling, and a support government complement that allows gamers to guard and correct picturesque car repairs as fenders fly, tires are blown, cessation is stressed and engines overheat.


  • 4 actor separate shade and online multiplayer
  • Dozens of vehicles to select from
  • Monitor and correct car repairs around lorry and helicopter teams
  • Authentic car production respond to any bumps and ruts we expostulate over
  • Numerous, authentic car tools to assistance fine-tune a opening of your off-road machine
  • More than 100 tracks, 9 open worlds and 1000 miles of drive-to-horizon landscape
  • Lots of opposite events, including Hill Climb, Baja Endurance Races, Closed Track Races and more
  • Free roaming gameplay: expostulate as distant as we wish and find dark tracks, jumps and some-more off-road madness

View a initial set of screenshots during a gallery.

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