Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime launches Feb 9 around a Nintendo eShop for 3DS

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime will launch worldwide around a Nintendo eShop on 3DS on Feb 9 for $2.99 / £2.49 / €2.79 / AU$3.65 / 600 yen, array developer Inti Creates announced.

Here is an overview of a anime, around a central website:


It is a nearby future, and among humankind exists “Adepts,” people who possess unusual abilities famous as “Septimal Powers.” The existence of these Adepts has caused widespread disharmony around a world, though in a republic of Japan, sequence and assent is confirmed by a vast firm famous as a Sumeragi Group.

…However, this would infer to be a proxy peace, postulated to a adults of Japan by a scapegoat of large Adepts during a hands of Sumeragi. On a surface, a Sumeragi Group appears be a rather normal, purify company. Below a surface, Sumeragi captures Adepts, binds them opposite their will, and performs inhumane systematic experiments on them.

One organisation famous as QUILL (Quorum for Unrestricted Information, Law, and Liberty) done this find and affianced to rebel opposite a Sumeragi Group. A member of QUILL, a immature male named Gunvolt, sets out one dusk to penetrate a Sumeragi trickery in a name of leisure for his associate Adepts.


  • Gunvolt: Kaito Ishikawa / Josh Keller
  • Joule/Lumen: Megu Sakuragawa / Diana Garnet
  • Asimov: Masashi Yukita / Maxwell Powers
  • Moiqa: Moemi Otaka / Hannah Grace
  • Zeno: Haruki Ishiya / Stephen Wiley
  • Copen: Kosuke Masuo / Peter Von Gomm
  • Nova: Ayumu Murase / Chris Nelson
  • Merak: Yuuta Kasuya / Vinay Murthy
  • Romeo: Hideki Makino / Cyrus Sethna
  • Other: Wataru Takagi, Ousuke Yoshitatsu, Kaoru Akiyama


  • Series Creator: Yoshihisa Tsuda (Inti Creates)
  • Scenario Writer: Toshiaki Tai (Inti Creates)
  • Character Designer: Munehiro Araki (Inti Creates), Yoshitaka Hatakeyama
  • Director / Continuity / Producer:Yoshinori Odaka
  • Scenario: Shigeru Murakoshi
  • Character Design / Animation Supervisor: Masakazu Sunagawa
  • Prop Mech Design / Key Animator: Ryuta Nakahara
  • Action Director: Masao Kawase
  • Main Animator: Yousuke Kikuchi, Nagisa Nakajima
  • Animation Inspector: Mikie Matuyama
  • Color Design: Kanna Terawake
  • Film Director: Polun Tsai
  • Backgroud Art Director: Keinichi Kurata
  • Sound Production: Ippo Yamada (Inti Creates)
  • Production: LandQ Studio’s, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

Watch a new trailer below.

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