Akiba’s Beat behind to open 2017, singular book announced for Europe

Akiba's Beat

PQube has announced a singular book chronicle of Akiba’s Beat for Europe, that will usually be accessible during name retailers, and reliable a check from a game’s formerly slated early 2017 recover window to open 2017.

The singular book includes a duplicate of a game, special box, and high-quality art book. In a United Kingdom, it is disdainful to GAME.

Set in an accurate though hyper-stylized distraction of Akihabara, a world-famous district of Tokyo where record meets culture, Akiba’s Beat is an movement RPG with real-time celebration formed combat. As dim army deplane on a town, a people’s memories, hopes and dreams perceptible in existence and diverge Akihabara in bizarre ways, melancholy a really fabric of space and time!

It is adult to self-professed NEET, Asahi Tachibana, to lead a rag-tag organisation of selected ones to take on a uncertain manifestations of Akihabara in this movement RPG. Meet Akiba’s charming characters and form your best group to take on fantasies come to life!

Akiba’s Beat will be accessible for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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