A Rose in a Twilight launches Apr 11 in North America, Apr 14 in Europe

A Rose in a Twilight

A Rose in a Twilight will launch for PlayStation Vita as both a earthy and digital release, and PC digitally around Steam on Apr 11 in North America and Apr 14 in Europe, NIS America announced.

In North America, a customary and singular book will be accessible exclusively around a NIS America Online Store. In Europe, usually a singular book chronicle will be offered, and it will be accessible exclusively around a NISA Europe Online Store. The customary book costs $19.99. The singular book costs $39.99 / £39.99 and includes a duplicate of a game, a collector’s box, a 36-page soothing cover art book, 15-track soundtrack CD, double-sided Rose rubber strap, and five-inch Giant highlight ball.

Here’s a full overview of a puzzle-platformer, around NIS America:


A lady awakens in a palace blank of tone and time, merged with a Curse of Thorns on her back. After assembly a sleeping giant, a dual work together to escape. Help them uncover a poser of a thorns and a story behind a staid castle. In A Rose in a Twilight, use Rose’s energy to catch blood and send it to immobile objects. By doing so, drab objects turn red and recover a hint of time. You will also need to make use of a giant’s super strength by lifting and throwing objects to transparent your path. Every theatre is a nonplus watchful to be pieced together. The serve we get, a harder it becomes, though a larger a risk, a bigger a reward. Discover how to solve any theatre as we excavate deeper into a story’s grave origins.

Key Features

  • Color Time – Without tone and time, a actor can't progress, though with Rose’s energy we can take advantage of both these pivotal elements.
  • Blood Memories – Splatters of blood are watchful to be found all via a castle, and any one contains a hideous death.
  • Visual Storytelling – Collect Blood Memories to clear a past by examination a array of vignettes pieced together by any victim’s death.
  • Live, Die, Repeat – Utilize both Rose’s and a giant’s energy to solve any stage, though if genocide happens to cut your tour short, be clever not to make a same mistake twice

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