75 Million Copies of Grand Theft Auto V Have Been Shipped

Rockstar knows a thing or dual about successful video games. Grand Theft Auto is one of them.

The diversion started out as a top-down 2D diversion about hidden cars and completing missions, though it has turn so most some-more over a years. It has developed into a pleasing 3D third-person diversion that is desired by millions.

The latest installment, Grand Theft Auto V, was expelled about 3 years ago, and according to Rockstar’s primogenitor association Take-Two’s earnings, it looks like they have shipped 75 million copies of a diversion to date. Note that shipped does not indispensably paint sales. Still, that is an extraordinary number.

The diversion did acquire Rockstar $1 billion within a initial 3 days of it going on sale, so it’s protected to contend that a association has sole many copies and apparently it is a very, really successful title. That array is certain to grow. It says a lot that Rockstar is means to keep gamers meddlesome and personification a diversion with consistent updates. Who knows what a destiny binds for a series. One thing is certain. They know how to make games that people wish to play. And play. And play. Good pursuit Rockstar. Hopefully they have another large GTA diversion entrance soon.

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