12 Minute Prey Gameplay Teaser Created (video)

Prey Game

Prey a new rarely expected diversion combined and grown by Arkane Studios will be strictly rising in a few months time on May 5th, 2017 and will be accessible to play on a Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

To smooth your ardour and uncover we a small some-more of a gameplay and storyline we can design to suffer while personification Prey, Ryan Clements has posted a video divulgence a few of a facilities from a initial hour of gameplay.

Luckily not many spoilers have been enclosed though a 12 notation gameplay trailer does yield a good overview of what we can design from a new diversion combined by a developers of a Dishonoured series.

In Prey, a actor controls Morgan Yu while exploring a moon-orbiting space hire Talos I, where investigate into a antagonistic visitor common called a Typhon is performed. As a Typhon shun confinement, a actor uses a accumulation of weapons and abilities subsequent from a Typhon to equivocate being killed by a aliens while looking to shun a station. The hire is presented as an open universe to a player, with course by a universe after obtain pivotal equipment or abilities identical in inlet to a Metroidvania game.

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