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Tiny Metal behind to Dec 21

Tiny Metal

Unties and Area 35 have behind a recover of Tiny Metal from a formerly designed Nov 21 recover date to Dec 21.

The reason for a check is to serve urge a peculiarity of a diversion and supplement facilities that get some-more users to play.

Here is an overview of a turn-based plan game, around a central website:


Tiny Metal is all about a gameplay. We are gifted Japanese video diversion developers who have come together to rise Tiny Metal. We trust that we can move behind a golden age of Japanese videogames, one masterpiece during a time.

We put exemplary Japanese fight gaming into a good complicated day graphical package that works good and looks illusory even on some comparison systems. Tiny Metal facilities 15 singular units and never before seen gameplay mechanics. Tiny Metal is a Japanese Arcade Wargame we wish we had as a kid.

Key Features

  • Flank Rear Attacks – Flanking and aggressive from a back of an rivalry section confers an conflict bonus.
  • Radar – Use radars in and with prolonged operation artillery to conflict enemies outward of your visible range!
  • Focus Fire – By regulating aim lock-on with 2 or some-more units to unleash a lethal concentration glow attack.
  • Hero Units – Hero units can be called into battle. They are customarily undisguised stronger or some-more versatile than normal units. Hero units grow stronger over a march of a debate and can be brought over from goal to mission.

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