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Super Bomberman R chronicle 2.0 refurbish now available, adds “Grand Prix” Battle Mode

Super Bomberman R

Konami has expelled a chronicle 2.0 refurbish for Super Bomberman R, adding a new “Grand Prix” Battle Mode, 10 new characters, 9 new accessories, and more.

Get a full patch records below.

  • The new Battle Mode “Grand Prix” has been added.
    • The Grand Prix mode offers a following new facilities from normal battles.
      • Each conflict is 2 rounds and a group with a many sum points wins.
      • Each impression has opposite power-ups.
      • When we remove a life in a Grand Prix mode, we are resurrected after a certain time instead of branch into a Miso Bomb.
      • Soft blocks will start descending after a certain time has elapsed.
    • You can play with a following dual rules.
      • Crystal – Compete points by collecting a crystals in a stage.
      • Basic Bomber – Compete points by defeating a competition team.
    • The Bomberman Bros. any have opposite particular characteristics though can supply a cartridge to benefit facilities and special abilities of other characters.
    • Up to 6 Nintendo Switch can be connected in a Grand Prix mode for a network battle.
  • 10 new characters are accessible in a shop.
    • Option Bomber – A
    • Option Bomber – B
    • Reiko Bomber
    • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
    • Jehuty Bomber
    • Anubis Bomber
    • Dracula Bomber
    • Princess Tomato Bomber
    • Bubble Head Bomber
    • Goemon Bomber
  • The Bomber Planet World can be accessed when violence a Story Mode in Standard Mode.
  • Two new Battle Stages for Standard Mode are accessible in a shop.
    • Nine Areas
    • Critical Path
  • 9 new accessories are accessible in a shop.
    • Starry Sky Solar System Series
    • Crab Series
    • Castlevania Series
    • Gradius Series
    • Silent Hill Series
    • Rumble Roses Series
    • Zone of a Enders Series
    • Tokimeki Memorial Series
    • Mystical Ninja Series
  • The opening of Belmont Bomber, Vic Viper Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber’s special abilities have been adjusted.
  • The punch and flog controls have been somewhat adjusted.
  • The camera work has been somewhat adjusted.
  • Fixed other several tiny bugs.

Watch a trailer for a refurbish below.

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