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PlayStation 4 Reviews: Specifications, Pros, and Cons

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Tighter competition from one producer to another lets Sony to give the customers more things. Besides, the developers also try to facilitate the gamers with more complex games. Interestingly, it is successful. The specifications are strong enough with full resolution and more comfortable framerate. For the operating system, it has single chip X86 AMD Jaguar with 8 Cores and the AMD Radeon Graphic Core Next with 1152 shedders for the GPU. It is light and really comfortable to be played anyway. You should not worry with common troubles like lagging. How can it be? Thanks to the application of 8 GB RAM then. Enjoy all the games more with great graphic for the optical drive of Blu-Ray and DVD.

The storage is flexible anyway as it can even be replaced with other storage. The main storage is 500 GB 5400 RPM with 5400 RPM SATA II. When it is being replaced with another one, it should be 160 GB minimally. Besides, the dimension should be thinner than 9.5 mm. unfortunately; it is not equipped by the external storage. Other features available in PlayStation 4 are the second screen of PS Vita via Remote Play, 2 ports of USB 3.0, Bluetooth 2.01 EDR, the Hookups of HDMI output, optical output, and internal power supply.


The only way to see the significance of performance improvement offered by a new console is by seeing the quality of games itself. Sure, it should be done once the series is released. Theoretically, PlayStation 4 should offer better performance particularly in term of visual. Well, it is proven anyway. a good example is for Killzone: Shadow Fall in which the framerate is stable particularly when you are in the multiplayer mode. For the contrast, there is no significant change actually but it is still considered as good. Meanwhile, the strength of Next-gen platform can be more easily seen while you play NBA 2K14. The visual quality along with the details is great as it implements the Eco Motion, an exclusive engine that is not offered by the PC gaming or previous generations of console.

Pros and Cons

PlayStation 4 is undeniably great. But is it really perfect as it is claimed? Here are then some of pros and cons you may find.

· Pros : it has much better quality in term of visual quality and performance. Meanwhile, some new features give good impacts as well for more interesting gaming activities.

· Cons : there is no region lock, not all games are played with good framerate.

PlayStation 4 is really good in many ways. It is reasonable if you may be one of them who are interested to buy it later. To buy PlayStation 4, make sure you only go to the official store or trusted platforms to avoid fraud.

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