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PlayStation 4 PRO for Better Visual and Framerate

After PlayStation deals with global market and customers find it so satisfying, here is now PlayStation PRO. Of course, it is equipped by numerous new features that are indeed tempting. So, what are they?

The Description of PlayStation 4 PRO

Easily, you can call it as the variants of PlayStation 4 with stronger performance, as simple as that. Why should Sony release this new series when PlayStation 4 is more than good? It is basically to make sure that all the newest games released particularly for AAA games from third-party developer can be handled more properly, in term of visual and framerate. In fact, many third-party games cannot be played well even in the previous PlayStation. This step is really nice for sure. It proves that Sony always tries to satisfy the customers even when it is by releasing another new series.


In Beside Playstation 4 Review Specifitaion, Pros and Cons.So, are the specifications in general still just the same as the previous series from PlayStation 4? Well, we can start it from the design. The design is different anyway as it is defined from the extra layer on the console. It means that PlayStation 4 PRO has three main layers that make it bolder, wider, and indeed safer. Unfortunately, it means that the console is heavier as well compared to the previous variant. Meanwhile, it is also different based on the port placements. The buttons for Eject Disc and Power are changed into the physical ones. Then, cool PlayStation logo can also be found on the upper part. It still looks elegant anyway.

For the performance, It is almost perfect. It features CPU with 1.3 times stronger in term of power as well as the GPU with better performance. Yes, it has x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 Cores for CPU and 4.20 TFLOPS for the GPU. It seems complete with Single-Chip custom as the main processor. The memory is up to 8 GB along with storage size for 1 TB. Other great features are including BD/ DVD Drive read only and good networking system with Ethernet and Bluetooth. For the rest, it is similar to the common variant of PlayStation 4. The power consumption is economical enough which is only for 310 maximally. Then, the operating temperature is starting from 5C-35C. Sure, it is also influenced by the environment’s temperature also. Those features are efforts to ensure that all the games played are able to run with good framerate and resolution.

Pros and Cons

It is probably quite difficult to find the cons of this series indeed. Well, the common variant of PlayStation 4 itself is already almost perfect. Then, PlayStation 4 PRO is basically the improvement of this series. But still, here are some pros and cons.

· Pros : great performance, great visual and framerate, additional features make this console play better.

· Cons : So far, there is still no con found. So, be happy with it.

If you want to buy PlayStation 4, it is suggested to buy in some trusted platforms to avoid cyber crime like fraud. So, are you interested in PlayStation 4 PRO?

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