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Open Forum #280

Open Forum #280

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever we feel is inapt to plead in other threads, we can plead here. Want to speak about cookies? You’re in a right place. Have a pointless question? Ask it here. Want to check a community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what we make it.

But note, while this is a place for open and off-topic discussion, a common village discipline still apply. Along with these guidelines, a Open Forum has some discipline to follow as well.

    • No nudity.
    • Not protected for work calm still needs to be posted with spoiler tags. (If we notice a criticism that does not do this, greatfully dwindle it so a judge can repair it, or forewarn a user.)
    • No trolling or spamming a accurate same post over and over.
    • No posts or cinema about GamerGate/Feminism. We hatred to extent conversation, though these forms of comments do not beget a form of contention a village is gentle with. The staff requests we keep these discussions off-site. There are copiousness of other places to speak about it.

Enjoy commenting in a open forum. Let’s keep a Open Forum fun and beguiling for everyone!

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