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Mega Man-inspired Super Mighty Power Man announced for Switch, 3DS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One


Super Mighty Power Man is a genuine 2D action‐platformer suggestive of video games from a late 80’s and early 90’s. It is like games found on a NES console when fun was some-more than QTE, extensive tutorials, and never‐ending cinematics.

Super Mighty Power Man is severely desirous by a famous Mega Man diversion array as good as others including: Castlevania, Contra, Duck Tales, Kirby, Super Mario Bros. and some-more new ones like VVVVVV, Retro City Rampage and Shovel Knight.

Besides being a loyal adore minute to a NES mythological gaming era, it is above all a reverence to a eminent Blue Bomber and a passion for such games that has stayed with us given childhood.

Take control of Corey, a child who incidentally finds himself held in a many astonishing journey to save a galaxy. Helped by a awkward supernatural drudge named Robby, and armed with a puzzling device called ‘The Power Grasp’, Corey contingency urge a Earth from a swelling immorality army of General Mok. He will need to quarrel (and jump) his approach by lethal environments, hordes of monsters, and other dangerous traps to giveaway assigned planets from a restraint of his enemy’s lieutenants.

‘The Power Grasp’ grants Corey superhuman powers, permitting him to combine with other lifeforms and turn one of a many forms of Super Mighty Power Man!

Key Features

  • Experience a 2D action‐platformer in a purest NES form but sacrificing any of today’s technological advancements.
  • Ability to switch between 8 opposite suits and master their particular weapons and abilities!
  • Excellent manageable controls to exam your skills in opposite environments filled with traps and enemies!
  • Cool gameplay elements and turn pattern to top‐up a fun!
  • True 8‐bit NES aesthetics featuring colorful sprites and backgrounds!
  • A lovable and appealing expel of characters introduced around short, humorous cinematics.
  • Encounter large of several creatures and better hulk bosses!
  • Levels packaged with secrets, choice paths and equipment to collect!
  • Complete a full collection and a several objectives to clear new features.
  • Awesome NES chiptune soundtracks with cold melodies and rousing rhythms!
  • Full controller support and customizable controls to feel right during home.

Music Samples

Music samples are accessible during SoundCloud.

Company History

Box Hedge Games is a tiny indie studio started in 2016 by dual friends, Alessandro Di Meco and David Richier, who have been operative in several AAA and mobile video diversion companies for a past 18 years. They have worked on many obvious games including: Atlantis, Test Drive Unlimited, Kinect Disneyland Adventure, Assassin’s Creed, Ice Age, Men in Black, Dungeon Hunter, and Bubble Witch Saga.

“We both started a gamer’s life on machines such as ZX80, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, NES, Master System, SNES and Genesis / Megadrive. Back in 2004, we founded a initial diversion association and surrounded ourselves with a group of gifted people that fast authorised us to work on other good titles such as Spyro a Dragon, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and The Sims.

Today, with a new association and a growth of a initial title, Super Mighty Power Man, we find to strike a chord with both new and comparison players. We wish to make a good diversion that fondly reminds we of those prolonged summer afternoons spent personification with your brothers, sisters and/or area buddies. We wish to move behind those moments where it was still fun to die since of a miscalculated jump, while your surrounding assembly gasped during your mishap. Let’s get those feelings and emotions behind with Super Mighty Power Man!”

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