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Mary Skelter 2 details job system

Compile Heart has updated the official Japanaese website for Mary Skelter 2 with information on the game’s job system.

Get the details below.

Job System

The job system of Mary Skelter 2 will completely change both the character’s appearance and abilities.

Blood Maidens can change between five different jobs. By changing jobs, the Blood Maidens’ appearance, equipment, and skills will change, which will alter the battle significantly.

The types of jobs each Blood Maiden can become is set according to a certain “Style.” Hamelin, for example, is a “Fighter Style,” skilled at close-quarter combat jobs, such as Paladin and Destroy. The Little Mermaid, on the other hand, is a “Magician Style” who specializes in jobs that use magic, such as Counselor and Blood Witch.

Other job Styles include:

  • “Science Style,” through which you can acquire eccentric powers. Gretel employs this style.
  • “Libero Style,” which is an all-rounder style capable of using large variety of abilities. Rapunzel employs this style.
  • “Archer Style,” through which one is able to attack from afar. Princess Kaguya employs this style.

By experimenting with the different jobs, you can create your own unique teams.

Mary Skelter 2

  • Pink: Magician Style (specializes in magic)
    • Left: Thumbelina (Blood Witch)
    • Right: Little Mermaid (Counselor) on the right.
  • Purple: Archer Style (specializes in long-range attacks)
    • Left: Princess Kaguya (Speedgunner)
    • Right: Sleeping Beauty (Dark Seeker)
  • Red: Fighter Style (specializes in physical attacks)
    • Left: Cinderella (Fighter)
    • Center: Hamelin (Destroy)
    • Right: Alice (Paladin)
  • Blue: Science Style (special support job)
    • Left: Gretel (Logicalist)
    • Right: Snow White (Item Tooler)
  • Orange: Libero Style (all-purpose)
    • Left: Rapunzel (Poet)
    • Right: Red Riding Hood (Fairy)

The Protagonist’s Exclusive Job

The protagonist, Tsuu, has a special job style unlike those of other Blood Maidens. She can become any of the specialized jobs, able to compensate for any aspect of the party that is lacking or further strengthen and round-out the type of team you are going for. Make use of Tsuu’s job style to make your team the strongest.

—From left to right: Altair (basic job), Stargazer, Dancer, Heracles, and Milky Way.

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 12.

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