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Review Of Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Fall In Love From The First Straw

Review Of Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Fall In Love From The First Straw
Review Of Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Fall In Love From The First Straw

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review – Unlike his brother who always saved the princess and saved the world hundreds of times from Bowser’s attacks, Luigi’s role was nothing more than a sidekick, a figure who helped Mario in completing his mission. Also different from Mario, Luigi is known as a timid figure, while his red-clothed brother is full of energy and dares to fight any obstacle in saving the princess.

This cowardly nature of Luigi began to be extended through a spin-off game for the Gamecube, Luigi’s Mansion. Different from Mario games that generally focus on agile platforms and movements, this game with “Mario Green” as the main character has gameplay inspired by Ghostbuster, room-to-room exploration, and controls that can be considered semi-tank control. Although it is far from the old formula of platformers that Nintendo often made, Luigi’s Mansion became a quite successful game and raised Luigi’s relevance in the eyes of fans.

This series was able to get a sequel to 3DS in 2013, but fans’ reception was arguably mixed with the game for various reasons. 18 years after the first game, Luigi returned to a similar adventure through Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch. Made by the same developer as the second game, Next Level Games, the Canadian developer is seen trying to make up for their mistakes in the previous game by combining old ideas and new ideas into this third game. The result? We will see it firsthand.

Outstanding Presentation Of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Seeing this game from the Mario franchise, do not expect to get a slick story full of drama and plot twist. What you get from the aspect of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is nothing more than a weekend cartoon-style story. The game starts with Luigi with Mario, Peach and also 3 Toad reaching a luxury hotel where they are invited to stay. Initially greeted with sweet, Luigi’s expectations to relax did not happen at all after learning that the hotel turned out to be haunted and was a trap of the hotel owner – Hellen Gravely – who wanted to impress his idol King Boo who was Luigi’s mortal enemy.

Successfully capturing Mario, Peach, and Toad into the frame, King Boo tries to capture Luigi and takes revenge for his humiliation in the previous two games. Luckily Luigi managed to escape and soon he found Poltergust G-00 which is a ghost-suction weapon that is no longer foreign to him. After rescuing his old colleague, Professor E. Gadd, Luigi is now re-assigned to save his friends and recapture King Boo.

Even though it is very simple, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is filled with wholesome impressions that are hard not to make you smile seeing it. From the minimal voiceover interaction between characters, the character’s cuteness, to Luigi’s highly expressive gestures, everything was executed brilliantly. The detail offered in each cutscene is also something that deserves thumbs up. Not infrequently I focus wrong looking at the background or even admire how detailed the texture of clothing and hats Luigi during the cutscene is played. The cutscene in this game looks like a CGI movie, and I can only hope that the animated film adaptation will later have this class of quality or even better.

Although the cutscene aspect is the most praised aspect of this game, I must admit that many events seem monotonous. Games too often show the same scenario many times but with a different background. In almost every enemy encounter, whether it’s a new or minor enemy that you have fought many times, the game seems to need to show a cutscene where Luigi is afraid to look at them. Yes, I know Luigi is a coward, but does it have to be presented dozens of times to the same dark blue ghost? Outside of that monotonous scenario, Luigi’s Mansion 3 can be said to be a Mario game with a story that makes you feel like watching a long cartoon episode.

The Ghostbuster Action Is Now Deeper At Luigi’s Mansion 3

Gameplay from Luigi’s Mansion 3 is still based on Poltergust G-00, you can suck up to various objects and also ghosts that try to block your progress. But compared to just slamming analog like the first game, this third game is more borrowing combat system from the second series in 3DS. Bringing back flash and dark light, combat from Luigi’s Mansion 3 focuses on finding ways to make ghost stun and then suck it up until their HP reaches zero.

Not only the old features, but Poltergust G-00 has also been updated with various new upgrades. Starting from Slam, Plunger Shot and Goooigi. The mechanical slam becomes a feature that affects combat when you manage to suck a ghost for a long time until the bar is full, you can slam the ghost in various directions to produce 20 damage instantly. Each ghost affected by your kickback will also be hit by similar damage and not infrequently their protectors will be released when hit by a kickback. This mechanical addition makes combat from Luigi’s Mansion 3 not only faster but also satisfying especially in crowded areas. Starting from the sound effects to the physical effects produced when the ghost is slammed into hotel properties, the moment of fighting a ghost is enough to make the player feel billed to continue to meet the next ghost.

Suction Shot is a shot that emits plunge rubber towards the object you are shooting at. With this feature, you can slam objects that are blocking your path and can also be used during combat if the ghost encountered using a shield or other protector.

The last upgrade introduced in this series is Gooigi, a replica made of liquid that can perform the same actions as Luigi but it is also capable of penetrating areas that Luigi cannot enter. Players can switch controls between the two characters, but when you play one of them, the other one will enter the unconscious phase, making them easy targets for enemies if you put them too open.

But luckily the player can refocus playing one character with Gooigi more created as a solution to a variety of puzzles that will be the second activity that you do most often during campaign games. Although the puzzles in this game are not so difficult to guess, it does not mean you are not confused. The majority of bosses are a puzzle arena that you have to guess to defeat them.

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