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Hifuu Bouenkyou for Switch launches March 19 in Japan

Hifuu Bouenkyou

The Switch version of Touhou Project strategy RPG Hifuu Bouenkyou will launch via the Nintendo eShop on March 19 in Japan for 2,800 yen, developer Chiyuudou announced. Pre-orders are available now at a 10 percent-off discount price of 2,520 yen. It will only support Japanese.

Hifuu Bouenkyou first launched for PC in August 2014.

Here is an overview of the game, via the Nintendo eShop:


Are you the savior? Or the messenger of ruin? A large-volume strategy RPG with a branching story that changes your fate!

Renko and Merry suddenly get lost and separated from each other in the world of Gensokyo. While searching for each other, the girls encounter various characters and begin to gradually affect the world of Gensokyo in a big way…

Key Features

  • Multiple Difficulties and Beginner-Friendly – You can choose from “Normal” and “Hard” difficulties, allowing anyone to enjoy the game—from strategy RPG novices to seasoned players.
  • Various Unique Touhou Project Characters – From Koumakyou to Kishinjou, a large number of Touhou Project characters will appear, making this a must-play for Touhou Project fans. And since each character’s abilities, weapons, and skills differ, the characters you use in battle will a have major affect on your strategy.
  • Infinitely Strengthen Your Favorite Characters – Since you can strengthen your favorite characters through “Rebirth,” which allows you to repeat character growth from scratch, as well as through the addition of new skills, you can infinitely develop a character based on your attachment.
  • A Full-Volume Story with Branching Routes – The story branches into three routes, which each develop into a different story. Since the stages, as well as enemies and ally characters you encounter differ per route, you can enjoy a completely different story for each.

Watch a trailer for the Switch version below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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