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Gintama Rumble sum Nobume Imai, Isaburo Sasaki, Oboro, Baragaki and Courtesan of a Nation Arcs

■ Characters

◆ Playable Characters

Gintoki Sasaki

—Courtesan of a Nation Arc Costume

Gintama Rumble

Gintama Rumble

Read some-more about Gintoki here.

Nobume Imai

Gintama Rumble

Vice captain of a Mimawarigumi. Contrary to her poetic appearance, Isao Kondou has referred to her ability as a “Assassin’s Sword.” She loves donuts.

—Battle Style

Gintama Rumble

She uses a brief sword and prolonged sword to unleash issuing attacks. She is always relocating and fights as if she is toying with a enemy. Since she has low conflict power, it is critical to establish how to invariably strike a enemy’s openings.

◆ Boss Characters

Isaburo Sasaki

Gintama Rumble

The commander of a Mimawarigumi, he is a eldest son of a prestigious Sasaki family—a pristine elite. Tetsunosuke is his hermit from another mother. He is a puzzling male with a clarity of antithesis opposite a Shinsengumi.


Gintama Rumble

Leader of a Tenshouin Naraku. A conflict veteran with a nickname, “Yatagarasu.” While operative as a bodyguard for Sada Sada Tokugawa, he aims for a lives of several people.

■ Modes

◆ Long-Form Retrospective Rumble Mode

Baragaki Arc

Toushirou Hijikata, notwithstanding starting Tetsunosuke Sasaki’s training with incertitude, and Testunosuke Sasaki, a son of a prestigious Sasaki family who became Hijikata’s assistant, gradually began to open adult to any other. At that moment, a former comrade of Tetsunosuke in a Check It Out squad is arrested. Hijikata goes to save him, though during a stage is Tetsunosuke’s comparison hermit Isaburo Sasaki, commander of a Mimawarigumi—.

Gintama Rumble

Courtesan of a Nation Arc

Tsukuyo and Gintoki, who were looking for a chairman a mythological concubine Suzuran Tayuu was watchful for, revisit Edo Castle. However, it became transparent that former shogun Sada Sada Tokugawa had gotten in a approach of Suzuran and Rotten Maizou, who she awaiting.

Around a same time, due to Isaburo Sasaki carrying been stabbed by someone, a secretly indicted Gintoki and association were saved by a Shinsengumi, and a “Battle to Take a Country” in sequence to better Sada Sada began—.

Gintama Rumble

■ Stages

◆ Edo Castle

Gintama Rumble

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