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‘Eurostyle platformer’ Gunlord X coming to Switch on May 22

Gunlord X

Gunlord X, an enhanced port of the “Eurostyle platformer” Gunlord released for Neo Geo and Dreamcast in 2012, is coming to Switch on May 22, developer NGDEV announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via


Gunlord X is a Eurostyle platformer with emphasis on exploring huge worlds and blasting off enemies. Jump! Shoot! Explore!

Welcome to Gunlord X, a vastly improved Gunlord port coming to Switch in 2019!

This game features 11 stages of exciting 2D game play with over 60 unique enemy types. Blast yourself through giant landscapes, explore caverns and reveal all secrets!

The critically acclaimed platform action game Gunlord developed by NGDEV in 2012 comes back to the Switch in 2019. The game received an intense “Hi-Bit” overhaul for modern game consoles in a widescreen format. Additionally new boss enemies and extended stages were added.

Key Features

  • Significantly increased level size of the later levels offering new secrets and challenges.
  • Four new boss enemies.
  • Added a completely new horizontal jet pack stage.
  • Permanent continue and shortcut / level warp unlocks by collecting all big diamonds in stage.
  • Auto save and level select features (you can revisit already beat stages at any time).
  • Accomplishments screens and statistics screens for speedrunners.
  • Limited enemy respawns to essential enemies.
  • Added New Game+ (for speed-running and new secrets).
  • Increased the viewport to widescreen.
  • Improved viewport scrolling.
  • Scanline / RGB CRT TV shader.
  • Increased sprite / particle effects.
  • Added alpha blending special FX (Hi-Bit “32-bit” style).
  • Added parallax scrolling elements.
  • Added new music tracks.
  • Improved controls (direct control over the 360° snake beam with R Stick).
  • Optional modern twin stick controls (control movement and shooting direction independently).
  • Fully customizable controls.
  • Improved difficulty curve especially on bosses.
  • Rebalanced weapon power levels.
  • Added a new power shot weapon.
  • Stable 60 frames per second in both docked / undocked mode.
  • HD rumble.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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