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Epic Loon gameplay teaser trailer

Epic Loon

Ukuza, Macrales Studio, and Shibuya Productions have expelled a gameplay teaser trailer for Epic Loon, a arriving four-player physics-based platformer.

Here’s a outline of a video:

They were sealed divided in stasis, dark from a tellurian world, in an superannuated square of archaic party tech famous as a VHS cleaner tape. Their calm prison, where they would sojourn until a finish of time, was foolproof.

But interjection to a miserly emporium owners and an analog cinephile named Joe, those mischievous creatures not of this universe were giveaway once more. They would make Joe compensate for unfortunate their slumber.

Become a alien. Invade Joe’s cherished film collection. Dodge his remote-controlled attacks as we destroy that that he many cherishes.

Be gross. Be evil. Be EPIC.

Epic Loon is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Q1 2018.

Watch a teaser trailer below.

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