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Dissembling The Specifications of Nintendo Switch

Specification Nintendo Switch, Pro and Cons Nintendo SwitchFinally, Nintendo reveals the identity of Nintendo NX that has been only the name code. Well, here it is; Nintendo Switch is the official name for Nintendo NX. It is acknowledged as a portable game console or hand held. Here are then the specifications of this series.


Although it sounds great, it seems that Nintendo is always too conservative in term of the specifications. The proof is this console. Based on various gaming news, Nintendo Switch is not a console that prioritizes high specifications. It is more about the gamers’ satisfactions anyway. But something which is already sure; Nintendo has been cooperated with nVidia for this series. The chipset is namely nVidia Tegra. Although it is more popular in the realm of mobile and PC gaming, the performance is still great while being taken into the console games. It means that the application of nVidia for console games like Nintendo is actually not that bad. There are some customs that strengthen the specifications of Nintendo Switch.

First, there are 4 cores of ARM Cortex-A57 with maximum acceleration for 2 GHz. This matter is quite skeptical anyway by remembering that there are other cores considered as faster and more power saving. Second, there is GPU with the architecture of nVidia Maxwell Second Generation. This GPU is featured by 256 core CUDA with maximum speed of 1 GHz and performance up to 1024 GFLOPS per cyce. Third, the memory of 4 GB RAM with maximum bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s and it is divided for VRAM. Fourth, there is 32 GB internal storage with transfer speed of 400 MB/s maximally.

Fifth, there are two kinds of USB ports; USB 2.0 and 3.0. Sixth, there is LCD screen with IPS LCD material with resolution of 1280×720 pixels. It is great but the details are not that clear anyway. Seventh, it is still amazing sing the power of hardware is still able to display Full HD-quality video. It is not a kind of best quality in term of virtual quality but still worthy. Lastly, it is still about the screen in which the touchscreen is able to recognize up to 10 touching spots. Well, for typical rhythm game, you must need a screen that can respond to touches in any spot certainly.

Out of the specification topic, Nintendo also provides two options for console anyway; they are Joy-Con controller in grey and Joy-Con in neon red and neon blue.

Pros and Cons

It is slightly clear that this series of Nintendo is probably less than the expectations. Mainly, it is when Nintendo Switch is compared to other consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even its brother Nintendo Wii 3DS. For you who want to buy it, consider some pros and cons below.

·                     Pros     : great performance in general, great graphic and color, simple and compact design.

·                     Cons    : the specifications are not at its best although they are still okay.

It is not that bad since this series of Nintendo is also marketed in quite affordable price as well. So, are you interested to buy Nintendo Switch?

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