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Death finish re;Quest sum locations, Japanese pre-order campaign

Compile Heart has expelled new information, screenshots, and video of Death finish re;Quest, a arriving PlayStation 4 RPG set in an online diversion corroded by bugs.

The new video, dubbed “Save a Enigma Company! Death finish re;Quest Pre-Order Campaign,” introduces a in-game developer Enigma Games, that combined a practical existence MMORPG “World’s Odyssey” in that a diversion is set. In a game’s story, a executive of “World’s Odyssey” unexpected left and a plan came to a halt. Now faced with a necessity of funds, a association is on a verge of bankruptcy. However… (here’s where a pre-order debate pronounce comes in) a new RPG plan called Death finish re;Quest was brought in from a certain publisher, and if it does well, Enigma Games will be saved.

The pre-order debate runs from Nov 27 to Jan 31. Here are a ranks, that we assume are formed on pre-order numbers:

  • Rank D: Big Deficit – Bonus: None
  • Rank C: Deficit Reducing – Bonus: PC wallpaper
  • Rank B: Somewhat of a Deficit, Still Doesn’t Want to Die – Bonus: PC Wallpaper + Item Set DLC
  • Rank A: Recoup Surplus, Managed to Survive – Bonus: PC Wallpaper + Item Set DLC + PS4 Theme
  • Rank S: Big Surplus, Death finish Completely Avoided – Bonus: PC Wallpaper+ Item Set DLC + PS4 Theme + Swimsuit Costume DLC
  • Rank SS: Super Surplus, Project a Huge Success!! – Bonus: PC Wallpaper+ Item Set DLC + PS4 Theme + Swimsuit Costume DLC + Compile Heart to Release a Virtual Reality MMORPG “World’s Odyssey”

(Editor’s Note per Rank SS: Your theory is as good as cave as to either that means Compile Heart unequivocally skeleton to recover “World’s Odyssey” as a own, apart game.)

Death finish re;Quest

Here are a new diversion details:

■ Story

◆ Tips

House of Beginnings

Death finish re;Quest

The place where Shina awakens during a commencement of a story. It is a tiny residence on a hinterland of Heartis where Shina awakens and loses her before memories. Although a view outward of a residence is peaceful, if we demeanour adult to a sky, a sky has separate as if a hulk hole had opened, presumably caused by bugs.

Heartis Royal Palace

Death finish re;Quest

The house where a stately family of Heartis, a biggest republic in a universe of “World’s Odyssey,” lives. Even after it was corroded by bugs, it oppulance and glorious stays preserved. However, there does not seem to be any people remaining within a stately palace, and with a Martyrs apropos rampant, there are some who were creatively Heartis soldiers, though were remade and have come to attack. Lily Hopes is a princess of Heartis, and clearly lived in this stately palace, though it appears that it can't be pronounced that she was really happy.

Strufil Royal Shipyard

Death finish re;Quest

A shipyard located in a sea republic Strufil. Built on a coast, it is a large-scale trickery that docks many ships. Before a universe was corroded by bugs, a shipyard was superfluous with appetite and many workers worked here, though now there is nobody here and a shipyard has an meaningful appearance. While it is a shipyard, a trickery also has several functionalities, and new paths might open by creation sublime use of them.

Rhizaria Forest

Death finish re;Quest

A timberland where a elves live. The timberland was done to make those who revisit remove their way, as a elves who conflict other races live low within a forest. For that reason, it is formidable to strech a elfin allotment unless we are an elf. At a core of a timberland is a hulk tree that is a source of their enchanting power. And within a timberland are a stays of a bequest hereditary by a elves from ancient times that operates with enchanting power. This bequest exists in several locations all over a universe and is rumored to be associated to a “Sky City” that adventurers aim to reach, and is also Shina and company’s final objective.

■ Sound

Background Music

Compile Heart has common samples of a following tracks:

If we didn’t locate them before, Compile Heart formerly common these tracks:

Death finish re;Quest will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on Mar 1, 2018 for 7,776 yen during sell and 6,912 yen around download.

View a screenshots during a gallery.

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