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Death finish re;Quest sum Enigma-kun, Real World Parts

Compile Heart has updated a official Japanese website for Death finish re;Quest with new information about new impression Enigma-kun and a game’s Real World Parts.

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■ Characters


Death finish re;Quest

Enigma-kun is a mascot impression of a diversion association Enigma, where a protagonist Arata Mizunashi is employed. In a universe of “World’s Odyssey,” he was combined as a military officer tranquil by an director from outward a diversion to understanding with formidable players and those who perform dangerous actions. After a story begins, Arata accesses a diversion universe from a genuine world, though uses Engima-kun to promulgate with Shina and company. Engima-kun himself is an executive communications character, so he can't attend in battle.

■ System

◆ Real World Parts

Explore a City and Solve Mysteries

As we try a diversion world, we can switch to a genuine universe during any time from a menu. By doing so, we will arrive during a computer-like screen. In a genuine world, a categorical design is to solve a mysteries that start in a diversion world. Protagonist Arata Mizunashi will try Sagami City—the environment of a story—to swell a story. There will be scenes where we will have to solve a poser that has occurred in sequence to open new paths in a diversion world, so swell a story and solve a many mysteries.

Death finish re;Quest

You can perform a following 5 actions in a genuine world:


Talk to circuitously characters. In sequence to solve a several mysteries that occur, speak with your allies during a base.

—Back Log

Check a essence of your conversations so far.

—Key Item

Check a “Real Objects” detected in a diversion world. Information concerning Real Objects will be updated as we swell a story and learn clues.

Death finish re;Quest


Check effects and a like such as “Code Jack,” that are used in a diversion universe in sequence to assistance Shina and company.


Explore a city in sequence to solve a several mysteries that occur. Depending on a place we select, an eventuality will occur.

Death finish re;Quest

Death finish re;Quest will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on Mar 1, 2018 for 7,776 yen during sell and 6,912 yen around download.

View a screenshots during a gallery.

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