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Blade Strangers adds Shovel Knight

Blade Strangers

Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight will be playable in the upcoming crossover fighting game Blade Strangers, Nicalis announced.

Shovel Knight joins the following 12 previously announced characters:

  • Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt)
  • Isaac (The Binding of Isaac)
  • Quote (Cave Story+)
  • Curly Brace (Cave Story+)
  • Solange (Code of Princess EX)
  • Ali (Code of Princess EX)
  • Liongate (Code of Princess EX)
  • Master T (Code of Princess EX)
  • Kawase (Umihara Kawase series)
  • Noko (Umihara Kawase series)
  • Emiko (Umihara Kawase series)
  • Lina (all-new character)
  • Helen (all-new character)

Blade Strangers is due out for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC this summer.

Watch the Shovel Knight reveal trailer below.

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