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5 Best Android Horror Game

Everyone must be different in the look of a game it is really horror, creepy and scary. Probably from the side of the ghost design, the surroundings, the plot of the story or maybe the sounds of surprise that are in it. For example Five Nights game at Freddy’s that can make the players really sure. Well, this time we found the 5 best android horror games that are challenging for you to play.

The following games are android games that you can download in the Paly Store. The question remains whether you have the courage to play the Game-Game. In the middle of the night when awake and the atmosphere is completely deserted.

1. White Day, Horror Story at Ghost School
White Day is a classic horror-themed game in ghost school made by ROI Game’s. Game given complete White Day: A Labyrinth Named This school comes the point of view of the first person whose players face a horror experience in the game. The VR version of the game is also being worked on by ROI Game’s.

Her story, Hui-Min is a student who wants to surprise her closest female friend, but is not trapped in a haunted school building. The terror of the creatures that there are shadows, mysterious sounds until the jump jump scare of the spirits, added to the action of school guards who want to catch it this game feels tense. You will be taken in that atmosphere by playing Hui-Min.

2. Knock-Knock, Sound Sensation that shrinks your heart
This game is made by Ice-Pick Lodge. You will play a cabin resident who suffers from severe insomnia. Due to not able to sleep the level of his sanity began to be disturbed. The presence of clone creatures always targeted him every night. If bold, plug in earphones for sound.

3. Eyes: The Haunt Game, Collecting The Guarded Coins Gelinding Perish
In Javanese society there is a ghost called gelinding wince, head rolling with a grin. In this game the ghost is not a representation in Javanese society, but not one of the authors call it so. In fact, the ghost in the head of the head is floating without the body being chased you as a player.

Game developed by Paulina Pabis is available in two versions, Eyes the Horror Game for IOS and Eyes the Haunt for Android. As per the same grooved you only need to collect as many bags of coins as possible semabrianan ghost heads on patrol. Be careful, do not let your smartphone be damaged because you slam yourself.

4. Fran Bow Psychological Game Blood-Blood
Fran Bow is a game of adventure horror genre with a difficult to digest psychological story. This game was developed and marketed by Killmonday Game in 2015 by partnering with Natalia Figueroa as its designer.
The story in this game about a girl named Fran who suffered psychiatric disorders after seeing his own parents died pathetic and mutilated in their own homes. As a player of this game, you will find a variety of ghosts of the past and strange creatures as a picture of this traumatic event.

5. Dungeon Nightmares, Tracing the Labyrinth In Spooks of Ghosts
Dungeon Nightmares is a horror adventure game offering K Monkey. The 2nd version of this Game is already released. But the first more exciting. It’s just a free version of this game provides only one level of the game.
In Dungeon Nightmares, you will play the role of a person trapped in a basement that makes up the labyrinth. The player’s job is to look for some waxy objects to illuminate the journey. The wax is usually in a wooden box. Another mission is a collection of gold bars. And of course the ghosts are ready for you screaming horror.

That’s 5 of the best Android horror games you can play to test your guts. Do not be frightened to go behind ya out playing this game …

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