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Artdink presumably operative on new PS4 movement RPG


Artdink is expected during work on a new movement RPG for PlayStation 4, if a new pursuit inventory is to go by.

The pursuit listing, that is seeking a programmer with skills in C++ for work on a PlayStation 4 movement RPG, does not list a association behind a pursuit inventory by name, though does give each denote it is Artdink.

According to a listing, a association in doubt is “a famous name in city construction-type make-believe games,” is celebrating a 30th anniversary this year, and is a three-minute travel from Tsukishima Station. Artdink meets all 3 of those criteria.

Artdink’s prior movement RPGs embody Sword Art Online: Lost Song for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, and Macross 30: Voices Across a Galaxy for PlayStation 3.

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