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Android Game Review: Angry Birds 2

The year 2009 became a phenomenal year for rovio game vendors. Their work entitled angry bird is capable of producing success as the most popular game at that time. Many people like this game ranging from children and adults because the game is quite easy and fun. Keep in mind that angry birds have been downloaded more than 3 billion times in various game platforms. Now rovio re-released a sequel called Angry Bird 2 and hope the game that tells about the feud of birds and pigs can gain the same success as the sequel to its predecessor.

Stunning graphics
Angry birs 2 comes in great shape. Some of the coloring in the game elements look very much beyond that the movements and details presented seem more subtle than the sequel. This enhancement is a great innovation to add to the players’ chagrin while running Angry Bird. Some additional graphical effects also add to its own preoccupation in playing this game.

More Variable Gameplay
Angry Bird 2 comes with the same concept as first launched. We will fight the evil green pigs who love to steal angry birds, players are invited to destroy the green pig fortress by using catapults that use the bird as his weapon. Each bird has its own strength. If in the first angry bird only available one stage then the angry bird 2 has 2 stages. The addition of this stage will add new variations and experiences to the customers. You are free to choose one character of a bird that will be used as your weapon to destroy the opponent’s defense. Because each level we can only choose one type of bird if we fail to destroy the fort, birds are sorted will not be used again, players must be careful and pay attention to the accuracy when trying to use catapults. At the last level you will face a green pig boss that has a high ability. It will not be easy to beat because it is difficult to penetrate. But you have the opportunity to take elements that can be used to beat him.

Added New Features
Angry Bird 2 has a newer feature called Spells. Mantra can be used to destroy a green pig defense fortress. There are some spells such as gold ducks that will issue the effect of duck hordes that fall from above will overwrite the opponent’s castle. In addition there are also frozen spells that will make the fort became frozen. But this feature is very limited if you want to have many spells you can buy it with gem seeds.

This game has a level 26 and each level will increase the level of difficulty players. You are only given the chance to 5 times repeat the game when failed to destroy the castle at each level.

Android Game Review: Angry Birds 2 – The game of this conclusion is very to be played for all ages. With some additional features and improved graphics quality provided will increase the excitement in play. But there is still a shortage in angry bird 2 like the number of free spells that are still limited if you want to have a spell that many players have to buy it at a price that is not cheap is very helpful pemainya in completing the mission and when the number of hearts has been waiting for a long wait to refill

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