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4 Best Mobile Games You Can Play

after some time ago we publish 5 Most Wanted PC Game Of The Year 2018.This year, there are many different games you can try. Here are some of them that are launched for Nintendo Switch, PC, Android or iOS.

The Sexy Brutale

This game has time machine concept, where you play as character that can repeat day over and over. Your job is to prevent murder that is going to happen on that day that you repeat. This is the most interesting part of this game. The main character that you can play here is Lafcadio Boone. And, in the game, we can say it’s pretty brutal. The graphic is pretty funny and cute, actually. The small or dwarf type character, cover the brutality of this game. The game play is also interesting. You need to solve many different puzzles. Basically, this game will give you more challenge and lot time to spend at the end of this year.


This game was launched in 2013 as one of PC Gaming product. And, if you missed it, you don’t need to worry. This year, you can get the Nintendo Switch version. The game play is basically the same. It has 2D platform game play. However, it’s different than other 2D platform. You don’t only jump and attack enemy in this game. But, your main job is solving the puzzle during your journey. In fact, most of your adventure will only solving puzzle. So, if you are looking for 2D platform game where you can attack or avoid enemy, this game isn’t the best choice. But, if you want 2D platform puzzle game, Teslagrad is one of best choice for you.

Streets of Rage

Maybe, you have heard this title before. Yes, this is one of the popular classic games that were launched for Sega game console. However, you can play it today on mobile gadget. As we all know, you can get Sega Forever app, where you can play many classic Sega’s game for free. And, Streets of Rage is one of the newest titles you can find in it. The game play is similar. You just need to explore the street and fight the enemy. The retro style graphic is similar, but it has new feature, which is local multiplayer. You can play it with your friend with this feature.

Hearthstone: the Kobolds and Catacombs

This game is similar to one of the popular Blizzard’s game, World of Warcraft meets Magic series, The Gathering. The game play is using card, where you need to collect cards and play with it. This one is the expansion version, where you can get 135 more cards to play. The good thing about this expansion game is you can get 3 free packs as well as free rare legendary weapon. More than that, you also can play single-player mode. With this mode, you can try to play with many different cards. In this mode as well, you also can upgrade your spell.

So, those were some of game that you also can find on lot of Gaming News. They can be played on mobile gadget, so basically you can play them anywhere. So, try them now.

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